Professional Certifications

Certification in Meeting Management (CMM): The global CMM is a certificate program focused on strategic thinking and the business of events for advanced-level meeting professionals seeking development and recognition.Certified Meeting Professional (CMP): MPI is a proud supporter of the CMP certification program, which recognizes individuals who have achieved the industry's highest standard of professionalism.




An MPI membership offers great value when trying to obtain your CMP Certification:

  • MPI Gulf States is a CMP Preferred Provider and offers six Education Meetings per year.

  • In obtaining the 25 required contact hours for the application for CMP – we have over 150 hours that are CIC blueprint approved in the Professional Development on Demand portal.

  • MPI also offers several live Online Education webinars.

  • For members, these are all free – as are webinars, which are almost all applicable to the application.

  • For a non-member, to obtain the 25 hours of CEU credit would cost approximately 3 times the amount of an MPI membership, which is one of the many benefits of an MPI Membership.

CMP Requirements


How to Apply