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LoriAnn K. Harnish, M.A. Org Mgmt

Hot is the topic of conversation across America this summer.  In a very interesting way, talking about the weather bonds us together, it is something we all share and relate to.  In my home city of Scottsdale, Arizona the temperature has been breaking records between 110 to 122.  Yes, this is a hot, hot summer for us here.  At the same time, I am feeling very blessed for being born and raised in Phoenix.  Our beautiful city is nick named the “Valley of the Sun”.  Sunshine is “big business”.  The hospitality industry thrives on it, bringing leisure, transient and group travel to Phoenix 365 days a year.  

When the heat gets extreme the locals escape on the weekends to the cool pines of Northern Arizona. Or many take short drives to San Diego for the cool ocean breezes.  Southern California looks forward to their Arizonan’s affectionately called “Zonies” visiting every summer.    

One of the things I appreciate and enjoy during this time of year is my pool.  In late April to early May I am ready to start swimming.  And, I do swim lots and lots of laps!  Currently I am up to 20 Olympic laps per day and hope to reach 50 by fall.  Swimming is my exercise of choice and it is a sad day for me when the water becomes to cold to swim.  On my bucket list is solar heating unit.  I look forward to the day I will be able to squeeze in a few more months of swimming, as well as continue to fit into my pants! 

Another thing that I appreciate about the heat… is being busy!  The warm weather strangely makes us more productive.  Are you feeling this too?  Where is July going…it is rolling by me so fast.  Currently, I am having so much fun working on my presentation, “Are you Engaged to Your Stakeholder?” August will be here before I blink, and I am looking forward to visiting you at the Gulf States MPI meeting!  


LoriAnn K. Harnish, M.A. Org Mgmt


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